Day 29: pizza party

Friday was my last day as a standard 40 hour per week worker in my office. Monday I’ll begin working remotely from my new home. My coworkers threw me a pizza party in my honor, which was very nice! I picked the baby up from daycare so she could be the guest of honor. And everyone had a good time passing her around.


my daughter sleeping in the arms of one of my favorite coworkers

Resisting the pizzas and cookies was tremendously hard but I survived! I special ordered a salad that didn’t fill me up and I was hungry again by 2:00. But there was left over side salad which I devoured after picking out the onions and croutons. I even brought two pies home for others on the big moving day, and managed not to eat any of that either. I’m feeling pretty proud of myself.


Lettuce and carrots - you can hardly call that a salad but it did the trick.


2 thoughts on “Day 29: pizza party

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