Day 28: Cycle class!

So as you know from my last post, I haven’t been exercising regularly during this Whole 30. I have been doing light cardio and basic lifts just to keep the blood flowing. But as you may also know, I am a huge fan of my YMCA and an even huger fan of my sister’s enthusiastic group exercise instruction. With our move a ways south of town, I needed to attend her spin cycle class one more time before cancelling my Y membership. She even took a couple special request songs for me. (BonJovi anyone?)

I had done a couple cardio workouts earlier in the week to warm up. I hadn’t attended one of her classes, or done anything so grueling, since the middle of my third trimester, so I knew it would be something of a challenge. But it was a fun one! It sometimes feels very refreshing to push your body a bit, and it’s even more refreshing to do it to great music. I had a great time but also a real one. My max heart rate got up to 185 and the average was 165 over the 45 minute session. I burned 400 calories. It was probably a little intense for my current fitness level and afterwards I needed to take a rest before driving home. I felt a little nauseous and light headed. Once home I ate a delicious crockpot dinner of potatoes and beef roast, which was just the carb and fat load I needed to recover. Then I looked forward to the weekend of packing and moving! But first, my last regular day at the office…


My sister and I after her cycle class when I was 8 months pregnant.


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