20 days in 20 pictures

An ode to being close to the finish!

that time I killed the eggplant.

back when I made a classy breakfast












whatever it takes, girl

these have been my saving grace











“Melissa’s Sweet Potato Hash,” not my favorite

all my loves sleeping in our new home











healthy, happy girls!

I actually harvested the zest of one lemon.





and used it for these delicious salmon cakes!

my Whole 30 fridge!










new adventures

my "life is crazy and lunch is small" snack

my “life is crazy and lunch is small” snack











sausage and collards served over potatoes, my new fave!

daycare wipes her out! and mama’s not complaining.

this is what happens when you forget to bring an extra breastmilk bottle to work.











I cooked apples with the pork. It was not awful.

my dogs are somewhere in the background. they have been going stir crazy in the house!

this pile keeps getting bigger but the rental doesn’t feel any emptier…












getting lazy with my meals. #justgivemeallthemeat!



and one more for good luck…

the absolute cutest

the absolute cutest


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