Day 10: a big update

I made it! No, my Whole 30 is not over. But I am 10 days in and going strong, which feels like quite an accomplishment. In fact, I think I’m going stronger than I was in any of my previous non-infant-raising Whole 30’s, but check in with me in another 10-15 days. The last week has been something of a blur but here are the highlights:

You heard from me on Monday, the first work day of the Whole 30 and the New Year. On Tuesday, my partner and I closed on our new house! It is 2 hours south of where we live now, so our day went something like this. Get up and pump. Bottle feed the baby in the car on the way so that she’ll eventually fall asleep. Then eat my breakfast in the car on the way, which was eggs over stir fried veggies with cashews again. Arrive at the lawyers office. Sign hundreds of documents and try to understand what each one is while keeping a 3 month old happy and entertained on my lap. Get the keys and drive to the new house. Pump. Spend some time walking around the house and getting excited about planning rooms, checking light switches, discussing upgrades. Enjoy a prepared lunch we had brought in tupperware – our first meal in our new home – “breakfast for lunch,” sweet potatoes, eggs, and sausage. We couldn’t stay long because we still have the drive home, and our little girl managed to sleep the whole way. We couldn’t have asked for better behavior from her that day. She was happy during the closing, she let us walk around the house and yard for sometime, was pleasant when we went back to the lawyers to sign the papers we had missed the first time, and slept or played for most of the car ride. So we couldn’t be mad when we finally got back home and she had a meltdown. We gave her a bath and were helping her settle in for the night when she decided to lose it. My partner and I had to take turns cooking dinner while the other soothed her. I ate two bananas and snitched several bites right out of the skillet while I was cooking because I was so hungry. When we finally got her calmed down she wouldn’t let us put her down in her bed or her swing so she slept in my arms while I used my fingers to pick my cold dinner out of the bowl one piece at a time. She finally got a bottle. I put her to bed, pumped again, and then finished my dinner. And had just enough time to relax before our next big adventure – baby’s first day of daycare…

Of course, I do what everyone does the first few minutes in their brand new house - pump.

Of course, I do whatever one does the first few minutes in their brand new house – pump.

So my husband is a professor and he starts back to class the next week. But we don’t want to just throw the baby into daycare for a full 5 days without a little warm-up. And, quite frankly, he needs a couple days off from caring for her to get ready for the semester. So we decide to do a half day on a Wednesday, two full days, and then she has the weekend off before going for her first full week. So Tuesday night after closing on our first house we celebrate by anxiously packing up the baby’s things for daycare – diapers, wipes, extra clothes, pacifier, and all of her food. The next morning we have an hour set aside for drop off before I have to go to work, because I had read I might need that much time to cry in my car. But we handed her over with no issue and walked away feeling more empty than sad.


With the extra time we hadn’t planned on having, we went to Starbucks for a coffee for him and a tea for me, then went to the Harris Teeter to buy more coffee. Off to work I went. When we went back to pick her up at lunch time it was obvious she had done a ton of crying and hadn’t slept. We were so happy to have her home I did not even care that she was screaming like a banshee in my arms after 5 straight hours without a nap. Once we got her swaddled and put on her jams (she likes Prodigy when she’s really upset), she was asleep in only minutes. And I had to head back to work for my next milestone moment of the week – giving my notice at my job…

sleeping like a rock with all the creature comforts she doesn't get at daycare

sleeping like a rock with all the creature comforts she doesn’t get at daycare

Don’t let me mislead you. I was never meant to be a stay-at-home mom and I entered into this pregnancy and this parenting relationship with the knowledge that my baby was going to enter daycare at an early age. Even with my general optimism about daycare, and the somewhat difficult transition to it, I am overwhelmed by the outcome. After 2.5 days of daycare my child has slept through the night twice, fallen asleep at the grocery store, fallen asleep at the hardware store, started eating more food less often and is seemingly more content by it, and spent 3+ hours awake  without crying, all things she had not done before. So far, we’re fans.

…back to the “giving notice part.” You don’t get a house 2 hours south of your office and expect to keep your job. So we knew this day was coming, I just didn’t want to drop the news before the deal was closed. So after picking the baby up from her first day at ‘school,’ and pushing through a difficult moment with her to help her have a nap, I headed back to the office to quit my job. My boss was surprisingly supportive, and we both agreed that an interim period of telecommuting would be ideal. I could work from home and drive up one day a week for a period of time while I searched for something in my new area and they searched for someone to replace me. All and all it was a best-case scenario, but the whole thing was still fairly nerve-wrecking.

So that brings us to the Whole 30 Days of Motherhood Day 8: baby’s first full day of daycare. After an exciting full day of daycare the previous day, the baby slept through the night, woke up at 5:15 to eat and went back to sleep until 6:30am. I felt more rested than I had in a while and didn’t have quite enough time to go back to sleep before getting her and I ready for work, so I didn’t know what to do with myself! I pumped a little longer than usual, spent too much time on facebook, and plucked my eyebrows. Not exactly the glamorous “me time” I would have planned. After getting us both of on our days so successfully, I was patting myself on the back on my drive to work when I realized that I had forgotten to let the dogs out to go to the bathroom before I left the house. Fortunately they’re pretty hardy, and lazy to boot, so they likely wouldn’t have wanted to go out anyway. Work was normal. My meals were fine. And picking the baby up from daycare was so fun! My husband had made it back from work in time to come with me. Like the previous night she went right to sleep, woke up to eat, and went back down.

this is probably technically sex with your pants on (#SWYPO) but come on!

this is probably technically sex with your pants on (#SWYPO) but come on!

What a week! There is more to tell about Saturday, Day 9, where we went back to our new house and struggled to figure out about how to work on removing wallpaper, painting, cleaning, packing, and unpacking while keeping a newborn fed, entertained, and well-slept, but that will have to be for another day. Right now we’re drinking flavored seltzer waters (#SWYPO?) and feeling pretty accomplished. In a 48 hour period we bought a house, started daycare, I quit my job, and managed to ignore the double chocolate crisps on the counter at my office.


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