Day Four: Strategies for Meal Success

Day Four is going well so far. For some people, Days 4 and 5 are “Kill all the Things,” days. Part way through the day I was feeling smug, and like a Whole 30 pro and I thought to myself “I’m not even hangry, just hungry. Good for me!” Cut to about one hour later when I was happily cleaning up after my workout. Someone was walking with hard plastic flip-flops on the locker room floor and I wanted to leap over my gym bag half naked and throddle her. Fortunately, I restrained myself and thought, I had better make sure to eat a good lunch. Which brings me to one of my keys to Whole 30 Success (hopefully):

Strategy for Meal Success #1: leftovers for lunch.


You might remember this amazing lemon-chicken served over roasted pineapple and avocado topped with fresh salsa from my Day One Lunch. Not so appetizing reheated in the office microwave. BUT, it was still delicious this time around. For the rest of this week I will be eating leftover dinners for my lunches as work. I would normally prepare a separate lunch for myself, but with all that we have going on, finding the time to cook once per day is probably enough. So we just throw more meat and veggies into the skillet at dinner time and set the lunch portion aside before we chow down. Then my lunch is packed before I go to bed and I feel better prepared for the next day.

Strategy for Meal Success #2: prioritize my lunch hour.

I scheduled a 2:00pm meeting today, forgetting that I had planned to run several errands on my lunch hour. Knowing that I would not be back in time to eat my whole meal before my 2pm meeting, I decided to head back to the office only halfway through my errands to eat my lunch. Otherwise, it would have been 3pm before I began my meal, likely throwing off my appetite for the rest of the day. It was hard to do, because with the little one at home my lunch hour is the prime time to do all the things that are not feeding the baby – working out, the bank, the post office, the store, the salon, the doctor, etc. So I am used to accomplishing a whole lot during that time. But if I am going to make a priority out of healthy eating habits during this program, those other things will have to wait and I will have to actually eat lunch – a slow, whole lunch – during my lunch hour.


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