Day Two: Exhaustion

To avoid any confusion from the beginning – this exhaustion has nothing to do with the Whole 30 and everything to do with getting back from the Christmas Holiday, traveling to and from Michigan, and celebrating the New Year while still taking care of those 1am feedings. The decrease in sugar and carbs to keep up with it all is just icing on the cake – or balsamic vinegar on the salad. Today I ate a giant sweet potato with apples, cashews, and cinnamon for breakfast and it was the first time I ever thought, “I’m too full to finish breakfast.” Then we had family nap time, as we were lucky enough to have baby sleep long enough for my partner and I to get a nap too. I had a repeat of yesterday’s lunch. And somewhere in the afternoon I was so hungry I had to abandon the no-snacking recommendation and had both an apple and a banana before dinner. We’ve focused mostly on taking care of the baby today – dozing off here and there, trying to keep my eyes open while I Facebook, and saving our energy for food preparation (ours and baby’s). While I made dinner, my partner took another nap and woke up jokingly asking, “when is tiger blood?” (For Whole 30 virgins, that’s the stage in the program where your body starts burning fat instead of carbs, you’re sleeping better, and have tons of energy – sounds like pure fantasy at this point.) Dinner turned out fine, but it didn’t start that way. I’d plan to roast eggplant we’d blanched and frozen months ago, but it turned into mush. I did not inherit my father’s cooking prowess, despite his attempts to train me along the way.


Delicious garlic "roasted" eggplant fresh out of the oven.

But I added the eggplant mush to the tomatoes and beef I had stewing on the stove and we ended up with a nice hearty meal. The problem is, it was too hot to eat and I was starving. My partner got me a second plate so I could cool my meal one bite at a time.


I’ll call day two a success because by the end of it I’m feeling somewhat rested and mostly satisfied. These first two days have provided great recovery time from the holiday. Day three will bring new challenges and be focused on planning for the return of normal life – back to work for me and our first foray into daycare for the babe. I’ve enjoyed this time at home with my family to focus on the things that matter – taking the best care that we can of each other.


this picture has nothing to do with this post but I know you wanted a photo of my beautiful baby


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