Day Three: Hot Beverages

I hate coffee. I’ve always disliked the taste of coffee. There have been times in my life I considered forcing myself to drink it in order to benefit from the wakening properties of caffeine I’d heard coffee drinkers testify to. But even in the early days of my baby’s life, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I have become a tea drinker, though. Ever since my first Whole 30 about two years ago I’ve regularly enjoyed the restorative and relaxing powers of tea. But as any mother can attest to, finishing a hot beverage is a once-in-a-blue-moon kinda deal. [In fact, that last sentence took me about two hours to write and my tea is officially cold.] This morning my partner was making me a tea and noted that all my flavored teas containing caffeine also contain soy lecithin. So on top of the struggle to finish the tea, it’s also a struggle to stay caffeinated! It’s surprising all the foods that contain added ingredients! So I’m hoping this whole 30 will also help me focus on taking some time for myself – discovering and finishing a refreshing cup of tea from time to time. Self care is the first rule is social work – and should be the first rule of family care as well. You can’t care for others if you don’t care for yourself. And hopefully I won’t need caffeine to help me with my energy levels once these new eating habits take hold. I want to be able to enjoy all these special moments that seem to pass so quickly, instead of slogging through them in a sleepy daze.


I started this cup of tea around 3:30 and came back to it about 2 hours later.


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