Day One: Meals & Naps

It’s day one of 2016 and day one of my Whole 30 Days of Motherhood! I am incredibly excited. Ever since my baby was born, I’ve been making excuses for not taking good care of myself – there’s not enough time to grocery shop, cooking makes too much noise, breastfeeding makes me want to eat all the things! But we’re clear of the fourth trimester and the stressful but memorable holiday season and it’s time to start settling into our new lives as parents – because this little one is not going anywhere for a long time. Day One of the Whole 30 is usually the easiest one for me. I am so excited for the possibilities, the changes I know are coming to my lifestyle. Plus, I’ve done my planning and feel ready.


meal planning while talking the baby to sleep

Today I have one focus – eating when I plan to eat, instead of grazing all day. This is particularly hard with a newborn. You live your life in 3 hour increments – she eats, she plays, she sleeps, and then you go around again. When she wakes up from her nap and she’s hungry there is no “hold on, mommy is finishing her lunch.” There is only feeding the baby. And when it’s time for her to go down for a nap there is no “hurry up and fall asleep because it’s just about dinner time for me.” There is only holding her, rocking her, talking to her, and doing whatever else she needs for however long until she falls asleep. (At least there is for me. This is not a blog about whether or not babies should be left to cry or other parenting techniques.) And so you get in the habit of eating whatever you can, whenever you can. Grab a snack on the way into her room before nap time. Glomb down yesterday’s leftovers before she wakes up. Polish off the ice cream at 3 o’clock in the morning. This constant snacking and lack of balanced meals really throws my body and my appetite out of whack. So today I am focusing on eating my three large meals and being satisfied. We spend a ton of time getting our baby on a manageable sleeping and eating schedule, it’s time to get mama on one too.


day one lunch – lemon pepper chicken served over roasted pineapple and avocado, topped with fresh salsa. I might be overachieving a bit here.


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