Day 21: Tea

I did two things today I wasn’t supposed to – watched the Radio City Christmas Spectacular on Netflix, which should always be a post-Thanksgiving activity, and ate a couple of oreos. It seems this Whole 25 is getting harder as I get closer to finishing instead of easier. But there’s one thing I always turn to when I’m craving junk or feeling unmotivated – tea. Tea is the only Whole 30 approved drink besides water or coffee. (I think there might be an unflavored St. Croix that recently made the cut but… gross.) So we started drinking a lot of tea during our last Whole 30. It became something of a ritual to wind down with a cup at the end of the day. And I’m not a coffee drinker, so it’s my only hot morning beverage too. In the summer we drank awesome fruit flavored teas. And now that it’s the holidays, there are tons of amazing festive teas on the shelves. My favorite right now is sweet caramel apple but we just bought a gingerbread spice I’m ready to try. Drinking tea makes me feel mature and in control. It reminds me to relax, to reflect. And the comfort it provides usually keeps me from reaching for something I don’t really want or need… usually.



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