Day 18: My Parents

Let’s just get this out on the table – over the past three days I’ve had a slice of frozen pizza, had a sugar cookie at the grocery store, and I got on the scale. All things prohibited on the Whole 30. I’m not beating myself up over it, but I am using it to motivate myself for the last week. I have to admit, getting on the scale was fun because I saw how far I’ve come. I’m 9 pounds away from the goal weight I set for myself many years ago. But this is not about pounds, as I’ve said before, so I’m trying not to focus too much on that.


38 years together

Today I’m celebrating my parents. I could say a lot of things about my diet growing up and the kinds of food we had in our house. But those things don’t have as big of an impact on my health as the values I learned from my parents. I was a very active child that came from a big family (in number but also in size), a family fairly uniformed when it came to healthy food choices. But I learned to be strong, to take care of my loved ones, and to have conviction, determination. These are the things that have impacted my success more than whether or not we got McDonald’s for dinner from time to time. My father taught me very early that quitting was not an option, that you have to follow through on your commitments. This includes commitments you make to yourself because if you can’t trust your word, why should anyone else?

I was also encouraged from a young age to play sports. My mother is not very feminine and played every sport girls were allowed to play when she was young. Most of her close friends are former softball teammates. I started out playing baseball after tee-ball. I was one of two girls on the team. That early confidence stuck with me through basketball, soccer, softball, and track. (Though I did back out of that one wrestling season I signed up for. A middle schooler only has so much energy for being different.) All with the support of my parents.

They have also worked hard on their own health. They’ve done the nutri system thing, low carb thing, bike riding, and whatever other doctors’ recommendations and new ideas might work for them. Sometimes they’re successful, sometimes not. But they always keep trying, and it’s that lifelong perseverance that has led to my success. And it sounds like they’ve had some success of their own lately, which makes me so proud.

All of my sisters and I are always trying to be our best selves. We’re far from perfect, but we have our parents’ relentlessness -along with their unconditional love and support – and that’s what will ultimately make us successful. I am forever grateful for that!


PS. My father is, quite literally, the best cook and baker in the world, which had contributed significantly to my love of food.


my dad & me


my dad & all his girls


at my wedding


One thought on “Day 18: My Parents

  1. My goodness – you are the spitting image of your mother. Both beautiful women! This was a very nice blog and as a parent I appreciate when the children can tell us that much of what we did were the right things!


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