Day 16: Facebook and the interwebs!

Facebook gets a bad rap for being the ultimate time suck. Reputable sociologists are studying the number of wasted days people spend on the site. But we don’t often talk about the beautiful parts of Facebook. Without it, I would not know so much about my good friends’ lives. I would not be able to share in the celebrations of their marriages, graduations, child births, and more. I live far from my family. Without Facebook I would not be able to see the renovations done on my childhood home, my baby cousins growing up, my sister’s exciting accomplishments. How could I live without hearing about how much snow is falling in Michigan right now? Just kidding. The snow fall posts get out of hand sometimes.

Facebook has also made it possible for me to receive unbridled support from friends across the country during my fitness journey. I shared my progress post on Facebook last week and it got 90+ likes in a day or two. And I know it’s not hard for someone to click the ‘like’ button, but every ‘like’ is a little vote of confidence to me, someone somewhere shouting “you can do it!” “good for you!” or something similar. I have shared race photos, whole 30 recipes, meal plans, challenges, and so much more on facebook and other sites, and I am grateful for the wide web of love that’s been woven.

the Facebook response to my Nov 14 post

the Facebook response to my Nov 14 post

When my husband and I first started all this, we started a blog – It’s mostly defunct, though still live, now. But at the time it was a very meaningful way for us to share our success and challenges with our friends and family – and more importantly, with those people working toward those same goals. My early development as a runner is chronicled on that blog. I’ve also benefited from the forums over at, where whole30 pros and whole30 newbies share tips and tricks with one another.

I’ve also been proud to see how people I rarely talk to anymore – friends from high school, college, other times in my life, reach out to me to ask for my support in return. What has worked, what has not. What advice do I have for them. I am not your typical runner, not a skinny girl, a big lover of food, and my people know it. So perhaps it’s less intimidating for them to reach out to me than to their health nut cross fit friends (no offense… well, maybe just a little). They see me and they think, we’re the same, or at least many of our struggles are. And it makes it easier to reach out for that same love and support I get from them and others. After my August Whole 30 people saw the difference it made on Facebook and they reached out to me. I must have made at least three ‘It Starts With Food’ recommendations in the first week of September alone. I recently had one of my favorite running buddies reach out to me on this blog (Champions are made in winter!) and it was so good to hear from her, so nice to see that these words are reaching other people in their efforts to put their lives and their bodies first. One of my good college friends and I have really reconnected over this fitness thing. She’s blogging now over at Project Unfluff, and mostly provides the comic relief to my fitness journey. I am grateful for her!

So while all this noise is swirling around us, and every day the internet takes more and more heat for over-producing useless, distracting information, I am singing it’s praises. I feel more connected, supported, and regarded than I ever do and that is thanks to all of you! Thank you for reading these posts, for cheering me on, and for considering healthy changes to your own lives!

We’re in the single digits now!


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