Day Six: My Sister

Day six of my Whole 25 Days of Gratitude is a Friday. Fridays are always easier. I have a strong sense of conviction, and we’re over the sugar detox hump, so the sugar cravings are not nagging at me all day long. I also had a work lunch that featured your choice of salad! So it was nice not to have to turn down whatever sandwiches or other items are typically featured in those settings. Work has been so stressful lately but today was a nice day. And despite some frustrating moments, I left feeling at peace with where I’m at. It’s easy to leave work feeling at peace when the setting sun is casting an amber light over the city, glowing with autumn colors and covered with crispy leaves. So I am also feeling renewed in my gratefulness and ready for more.

Rebecca visiting me in NC, our trip to Pisgah National Forest.

Rebecca visiting me in NC, our trip to Pisgah National Forest.

Today’s post is about my little sister, who has been an important part of my health journey from the beginning. I have three sisters. Two of them older than me and one younger. The four of us shared one room growing up until about middle school. Then me and my younger sister roomed together until I left for college. Our roommate years were filled with all the things you’d expect – moments of great fun interrupted by a teenager’s crankiness. When I went away to college I missed my sisters, and I was very proud of my little sister when she went away to college as well. But she had a hard time finding her footing, switching majors many times and unsure if college was really right for her. But then she found a part time job at a YMCA and seemed to settle in. She loved her job at the Y and starting taking on more and more responsibility there. She ended up majoring in movement science. When she graduated college she began working at the Y full time, and eventually moved to a leadership position with another Y. (She’s part of the reason I so love my YMCA.) Now she supervises a full staff of lifeguards and personal trainers, teaches a variety of group exercises classes, has her own personal training clients, and inspires dozens of people everyday to get fit and be healthy. She’s also become an avid mountain hiker, climbing Katahdin about a dozen times with remarkable speed, and leading a team across the Appalachian Trail’s Wild 100 in just 3 days.


after the Raleigh Turkey Trot – Thanksgiving Day 2012!

But what does all that have to do with me? Well, she also came to visit me in North Carolina a couple years ago and introduced me to the Whole 30. She facilitated a zumba class for my wedding guests the day before the wedding. Nearly every time we all come together she teaches us the latest and greatest in group exercise. We have run Turkey trots together. She started a blog in order to coach me through crossfit workouts from several states away. She lead me up to the peak of Katahdin, a huge accomplishment for me. And she’s been a fixture of my own health and fitness journey since the beginning – sending words of encouragement during my training, giving advice and support related to diet and workout routines, and sharing her own struggles with her weight and motivation. Throughout it all she always has the most positive attitude. Her clients consistently praise her for her energy and positivity. I can’t wait until she moves down to North Carolina with the rest of us so that I can start going to whatever great classes she’s teaching! I am so grateful that my little sister has really found her voice and her passion. So many people have gotten healthier and happier through her support and I am no exception. Thank you, Rebecca!


when visiting Becca in Maine, we did a triathlon relay. I swam. Becca crashed and burned on her bike and DNF’ed us. But it was still fun!

At the Katahdin summit -  September 2013.

At the Katahdin summit – September 2013.


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