Day Five: My dogs

This is an easy post for me to write because I spend 84.3% of my time gushing about my dogs. We got Boomer first, in June of 2010 just about 6 weeks before our wedding, from the American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue. That little trooper had to go through a lot in her first few months with us. She was only 6 weeks old when we got her, which is generally too young, but since she came from an over-crowded rescue, they were anxious to get her into a good home so they could save another pup. The nice thing about getting her so young is that she is completely emotionally attached to me, which likely isn’t good for her but sure makes me feel good.

Just 12 weeks old and 6 weeks into life as a Sandefur, Boomer attended our wedding.

Just 12 weeks old and 6 weeks into life as a Sandefur, Boomer attended our wedding.

The following October, a very dear friend got married and throughout the fall – and all the festivities – I got to know many of her family members well, including her sister’s dog, Moka. Moka is a doberman mix who has had a lot of homes and wasn’t quite fitting in at her current home. There was one young boy and a baby on the way and Moka’s mom didn’t feel the children were 100% safe around her. Being child-free and having fallen in love with Moka the couple times we met, we decided to take her. She was a bit grumpy at first, very protective of her crate, and not a huge fan of Boomer. But we were also hosting Thanksgiving that month and there was a 7 year old crawling around on the floor and trying to get in the crate with Moka! Fortunately, she was an angel and we’ve never looked back. Her and Boomer grew to be best friends and now they share a crate, play together all the time, and don’t like to be separated.

Moka running errands her 2nd day with us. I always make them run errands with me.

Moka running errands her 2nd day with us. I always make them run errands with me.

Since then Boomer, Moka, my husband and I have been the perfect foursome. We run races together, hike trails, climb mountains. In the summer of 2011, my husband participated in an intensive science writing program in Montana. I was home with the dogs for 2 months, and the three of us got pretty good at running together. Now we have a very efficient running routine and it’s not the same to run without them. Having these wonderful dogs has become an important part of our own health and wellness. When I start to gain weight, I always manage to convince myself it’s not happening, that it’s just temporary. But I spend so much time petting and ogling over my dogs, I can tell when they have put on even ounces. And I know it’s time to get active. Plus, Moka gets restless and depressed when she doesn’t spend enough time outside, and Boomer gets super clingy and often misbehaves. So off we go on our next adventure!

I also hate to cook but I love making dog treats for the girls. So in honor of the Whole 25 Days of Gratitude Day 5 awardees, I’m spending the evening making pumpkin treats! It’s just pumpkin puree, flour, a little sorghum syrup, and salt! They are going to love them!



They might be a little bit spoiled.


After a 10k on the Tobacco Trail!

945983_10102576989514173_1026058475_n - Copy

They LOVE the sunshine! I think they’re both fans of our move to the South.

1379931_10103088027010933_401832987_n - Copy

At Bark in the Park with the Durham Bulls!

544269_10102476747619733_1745737783_n - Copy

Moka will chase and hunt anything that moves with no regard for her own safety.

551241_10103088019955073_597113631_n - Copy

at Topsail beach!


They were wonderful big foster sisters.


did I mention the spoiled thing?


at the top of Crowder Mountain!


and I mentioned the overly attached thing too, right?


Despite her mean mug, Moka is scared of thunderstorms.


They are wonderful road trip companions!


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